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34 Percent who say among food and beverage employees WANT MORE, NOT LESS, BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT ON SOCIETAL ISSUES 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. BUS_BND. Think about business as an institution, and its current level of engagement in addressing societal needs and issues. Wh en it comes to each of the following areas, please indicate if you think business is going too far and overstepping what it should be doing, is doing ju st the right amount in regard to this activity, or is not going far enough in its actions and should be doing more. 3 - point scale; code 3, “ not doing enough”; code 1, “overstepping”. General population, 27 - mkt avg and among those employed in the food sector (Q420/8 and Q43/1). Gap, not doing enough vs. overstepping not doing enough overstepping On addressing each societal issue , business is... 50 48 45 44 41 37 10 10 10 11 9 14 Economic inequality Climate change Systemic injustice Workforce reskilling Access to healthcare Trustworthy information 40 pts 35 pts 38 pts 32 pts 23 pts 33 pts

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