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35 62 55 47 57 Trust Index GOOD INFORMATION CAN HELP CLOSE THE SOCIETAL DIVIDE 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. The Trust Index is the average percent trust in NGOs, business, government and media. TRU_INS. Below is a list of institution s. For each one, please indicate how much you trust that institution to do what is right. 9 - point scale; top 4 box, trust. General population, 22 - mkt av g., by income. Media Consumption scale. General population, 22 - mkt avg., by income. For full details on how the Well - Informed Scale was built, please refer to the Technical Appendix. Well - informed regularly do the following: Follow news regularly ❑ Consult 3+ news sources daily ❑ Read business and/or public policy news Seek quality information ❑ Consult news sources with which they disagree ❑ Check information against multiple sources Distrust Neutral Trust High income 2022 2012 Global 22 When low - income respondents are well - informed, they are more trusting than high - income respondents who are not High income, n ot well - informed Low income Low income, well - informed

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