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6 Percent who say GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA SEEN AS DIVISIVE 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. [INS]_PER_DIM. In thinking about why you do or do not trust [institution], please specify where you think they fall on the sc al e between the two opposing descriptions. 11 - point scale; top 5 box, positive; bottom 5 box, negative. Questions asked of half of the sample. General population, 24 - mkt avg. Data not collected in China, Russia and Thailand. 48 46 31 29 36 35 45 50 Government Media Business NGOs a div iding force in society a unifying force in society - 12 pts - 11 pts 14 pts 21 pts Gap , difference between unifying force vs. dividing force These institutions are... GLOBAL 24 Not asked in China, Russia, Thailand

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