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INSTITUTIONAL SPOKESPEOPLE GAIN CREDIBILITY Percent who rate each as very/extremely credible - 0 + Change, 2020 to 2021 All-time low as a source of information about a company, in Australia CEO credibility at all-time lows in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina, 58 Russia, France and Japan 55 52 45 44 42 38 37 36 -3 -8 -4 +14 +1 -13 +10 -2 +1 Academic Company technical A person like Government NGO Regular Journalist CEO Board of directors expert expert yourself official representative employee 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. CRE_PPL. Below is a list of people. In general, when forming an opinion of a company, if you heard information about a company from each person, how credible would the information be--extremely credible, very credible, somewhat credible, or not credible at all? 4-point scale; top 2 box, credible. Question asked of half of the sample. General 18 population, Australia.

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