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INCREASED Change in importance since last More Less URGENCY TO Net change year, in Australia Important Important ADDRESS Improving our healthcare system 58 10 +48 FOUNDATIONAL PROBLEMS Addressing poverty in this country 54 10 +44 Change in importance since last year Finding ways to combat fake news 53 11 +42 (more important minus less important) Protecting people's individual freedoms 49 10 +39 Closing the economic and social divide 48 12 +36 Improving our education system 45 11 +34 Addressing climate change 49 17 +32 Addressing discrimination, racism 42 14 +28 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. IMP_POL_PRIORITIES. For each of the following issues and challenges, please indicate whether our country addressing it has become more important to you, less important to you, or has stayed the same in importance, since last year. 5-point scale; top 2 box; more important; bottom 2 box, less important. General population, Australia. Net change is the difference between 16 more and less important.

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