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Percent who are concerned PANDEMIC ADDED Percent who are fearful TO PERSISTENT 86 PERSONAL AND SOCIETAL FEARS Percent who are concerned, 66 65 and percent who are fearful, in Australia 57 54 59 36 33 29 25 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. POP_EMO. Some people say they worry about many things while others say they have few Job loss (net) Climate change Hackers and Losing my Contracting concerns. We are interested in what you worry about. Specifically, how much do you worry about each of the following? 9-point scale; cyber-attacks freedoms as a COVID-19 top 4 box, worry; top 2 box, fear. Non-job loss attributes shown to citizen half of the sample. General population, Australia. Job loss asked of those who are an employee (Q43/1). Job loss is a net of attributes 1- 15 3, 5, and 22-24.

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