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2021 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER LANGUAGES AND INTERNET PENETRATION BY COUNTRY The Edelman Trust Barometer is an online survey. In developed countries, a nationally-representative online sample closely mirrors the general population. In countries with lower levels of internet penetration, a nationally-representative online sample will be more affluent, educated and urban than the general population. Internet Internet Internet Languages Languages Languages Penetration* Penetration* Penetration* English, Global - 83% Indonesia Indonesian 63% Singapore 88% Simplified Chinese Argentina Localized Spanish 93% Ireland English 92% S. Africa English, Afrikaans 55% Australia English 87% Italy Italian 93% S. Korea Korean 96% Brazil Portuguese 71% Kenya English 87% Spain Spanish 93% English, Canada 94% Japan Japanese 94% Thailand Thai 82% French Canadian The China Simplified Chinese 59% Malaysia Malay 81% English, Dutch 96% Netherlands Colombia Localized Spanish 63% Mexico Localized Spanish 67% UAE English, Arabic 96% France French 92% Nigeria Localized English 61% UK English 95% English, Germany German 96% Russia Russian 81% U.S. 90% Localized Spanish India English, Hindi 41% Saudi Arabia English, Arabic 92% 30 *Data source: as of 1/12/21

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