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IN AUSTRALIA, LESS THAN 1 IN 4 HAVE GOOD INFORMATION HYGIENE Percent in each segment Information hygiene: 43 50%of respondents 1. News engagement share or forward news 35 itemsthat they find to be 2. Avoid information echo chambers interesting. 3. Verify information Of those, only 24% have 22 good information hygiene 4. Do not amplify unvetted information Poor Moderate Good information hygiene information hygiene information hygiene 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. MED_SEG_OFT. How often do you engage in the following activities related to news and information? Indicate your answer using the 7-point scale below. 7- 22 point scale; top 5 box, several times a month or more. General population, Australia. For full details on how the Information Hygiene Scale was built, please refer to the Technical Appendix.

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