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42 2022 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER SPECIAL REPORT: TRUST AND HEALTH HOW WE MEASURED TRUST IN THE HEALTH ECOSYSTEM 1. TRU_INS: trust an institution to do what is right 2. TRU_SUB_HEA: trust businesses in health industry subsectors to do what is right 3. TRU_PEP: trust a group of people to do what is right 4. HEA_TRU_PEP: trust a group of people to tell you the truth about health issues and how best to protect the health of the public. Healthcare businesses Healthcare companies 1 Biotech / life sciences companies 2 Health insurance companies 2 Academic medical research institutions 1 Consumer health / over - the - counter companies 2 Health technology companies 2 Pharmaceutical / drug companies 2 Hospitals, clinics and other medical care facilities 2 Your local pharmacy or drug store 2 Global health authorities and NGOs The WHO 1 Global health officials 3 Global health authorities 4 Health NGOs 1 Leaders of health NGOs 3 Heads of health NGOs 4 Global health authorities 1 Health practitioners Doctors 3 Your doctor / primary healthcare provider / pharmacist 3 Pharmacists 4 Nurses 3,4 Your doctor or primary healthcare provider 4 Federal and local health authorities National health authorities 1,3, 4 Local health officials 3 In order to look at respondents’ trust in the overall health ecosystem, we first had to understand what respondents consider to be the components of that ecosystem. We took all the healthcare - related data from our survey, and ran a factor analysis , which resulted in four groupings: • Healthcare businesses • Health practitioners • Global health authorities and NGOs • Federal and local health authorities We then created an aggregate trust measure that represents the average trust of all four components of the health ecosystem. We then divided respondents into three equal trust segments within each country. The upper one - third are those with higher trust, and the bottom one - third are those with lower trust in the health ecosystem.

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