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45 FULL TEXT FOR ABBREVIATED ANSWER CHOICES HEALTH BARRIERS Shortened Full Cost Healthy options and health - promoting products and activities cost more than I am willing to pay I cannot afford to pay for good healthcare I cannot afford to pay for some of the medications or medical devices that I need Information A lack of information. I do not know how to go about taking better care of my health. Health recommendations keep changing. One day something is considered healthy, and the next day the experts change their advi ce. When this happens, it makes me unsure about what I should be doing to stay healthy. Different health experts give contradictory advice. When this happens, it makes me unsure about my health decisions. HEA_BAR. How big a role does each of the following have in keeping you from closing the gap between how well you currently are taking care of your health and how well you should ideally be taking care of your health? (Please select all that apply.)

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