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48 2022 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER TEAM PROJECT TEAM Executive Director Tonia E. Ries [email protected] Head of Thought Leadership Research David M. Bersoff, Ph.D. [email protected] Project Directors Sarah Adkins Laurel Butterfield Research Cody Armstrong Catherine Aumiller Rosie Delk Data and Analysis John Zamites Kiera Cooke Content Strategy Esther Choi Chloe Buckley Brooke Walker Edelman Trust Institute Justin Blake Christopher Alessi Caitlin Semo Susannah Ferris ADVISORS Executive Advisors Richard Edelman Kirsty Graham Subject Experts Amira Barger Camille Desantis Courtney Gray - Haupt Lynn Hanessian Bruce Hayes Emma Lynn Keneche Nnamani Carolyn Paul Aimee White - Charles

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