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21 WITH HIGHER TRUST, MORE SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES OVER PERSONAL FREEDOM 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Trust and Health. HEA_CHOICE. You are about to see two choices. Please choose the one that you agree with more. General population, 9 - mkt avg., and by level of trust in health ecosystem. For full details on how the Health Ecosystem Trust scale was built, plea s e refer to the Technical Appendix. *Nigeria is not included in the global average. 42 58 Lower trust in the health ecosystem Higher trust in the health ecosystem Which do you agree with more? or Personal freedom arguments regarding health decisions do not apply when those decisions put other people’s health at risk No one should be forced to accept medical treatments or engage in health - protecting behaviors they don’t want to do 53 61 59 55 54 52 51 50 48 48 42 Global 9 Mexico Canada U.S. China France Germany UK Japan *Nigeria S. Korea

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