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17 Create jobs Provide safe and reliable products Drive innovation Grow the economy Wealth creation Provide training to employees Support local communities Provide trustworthy information Address climate change, pollution, poverty, and food/water insecurity Address discrimination, wage inequality, healthcare, and education Promote cooperation across political differences 85 % Economic responsibilities 77 % Societal responsibilities Cultivate admiration for our country's values Punish countries that violate human rights and international law 59 % Geopolitical responsibilities On average, percent who say NEARLY 6 IN 10 WANT BUSINESS TO ADD GEOPOLITICAL ISSUES TO ITS AGENDA 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: The Geopolitical Business. CORP_ROLE. Do you consider each of the following to be a primary, secondary, or not a responsibility of business? 3 - point scale; code 1, primary; code 2, secondary. Sum of codes 1 and 2. General population, 14 - mkt avg. “Economic responsibilitie s” is an average of attributes 1 - 2, 4 - 6. “Societal responsibilities” is an average of attributes 3, 7, 9 - 11, and 13. “Geopolitical responsibilities” is an average of attributes 12 and 14. Attributes unde r each responsibility grouping shown in rank order. For the full question text, please refer to the appendix. Each is a business responsibility:

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