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18 Percent who say BUSINESS EXPECTED TO ACT IN RESPONSE TO AN UNPROVOKED INVASION 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: The Geopolitical Business. BUS_RESP. For each of the following scenarios, please indicate how you feel corporations that have business interests in the countries or markets involved should respond. Pick all that apply. General population, 14 - mkt avg. Data on the left is a net of codes 1 - 5. For the full question text, please refer to the appendix. Business expected to take one or more of these actions: P ublicly speak out against this behavior A pply political or economic pressure Combat misinformation and provide trustworthy information C ease new business investments Terminate business activities Business should carry on as usual 5 23 25 28 28 32 Global 14 95 % When a country engages in an unprovoked invasion of another country, I expect companies that have business interests in that country to respond in one or more ways (net)

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