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43 2022 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER: FULL TEXT FOR ANSWER CHOICES ABBREVIATED BUSINESS’ ROLE - SOCIETAL Shortened Full Provide training to employees Providing training and reskilling to employees Support local communities Supporting local communities Provide trustworthy information Making sure people have access to trustworthy information Address climate change, pollution, poverty, and food/water insecurity Working to solve major global problems such as climate change, pollution, poverty, and food/water insecurity Address discrimination, wage inequality, healthcare, and education Working to solve our country’s major social problems such as prejudice/discrimination, wage inequality, and increasing access to good quality healthcare and education Promote cooperation across political differences Promoting unity, civility, and a spirit of cooperation among people with differing political opinions and fostering a renewed willingness to engage in constructive debates on contentious issues CORP_ROLE. Do you consider each of the following to be a primary, secondary, or not a responsibility of business? (Please select one response for each.)

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