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32 9 6 15 13 16 21 21 27 13 13 13 10 8 8 8 6 53 52 45 47 46 41 40 32 66 65 58 57 54 49 48 38 Percent who believe information from each source automatically, or after seeing it twice or less MY EMPLOYER MEDIA MOST BELIEVABLE 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. HEAR_TIME1. When you see a new piece of information or a news story in each of the following information sources, how many ti me s do you need to see it or hear it repeated in that same type of information source before you believe it is really true? Question asked of half of t he sample. “Once or twice” is a sum of codes 2 and 3. General population, 27 - mkt avg. “Employer communications” only shown to those who are an employee of an organization (Q43/1); and filtered by food employees (Q420/8 and Q43/1). If I see it here, I will automatically assume it is true Once or twice Nr. of times they need to see the information repeated before believing it: I will never believe it is true if this is the only place I see it My employer National government Media reports, named source Major corporations Advertising Media reports, anonymous source My social media feed Communications from... among f&b employees among all employees

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