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BUSINESS AND NGOS ETHICAL 2021 NOW SEEN AS BOTH 2020 35 COMPETENT ANDETHICAL NGOs (8, 20) (Competence score, net ethical score), Media Business (-9, 7) (20, 13) in Australia Government (-10, 13) LESS COMPETENT -50 50 COMPETENT -35 UNETHICAL 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. The ethical scores are averages of nets based on INS_PER_DIM/1-4. Question asked of half of the sample. The competence score is a net based on TRU_3D_INS/1. Depending on the question it was either asked of the full of half the sample. General population, Australia. For full details regarding how this data was calculated and plotted, 11 please see the Technical Appendix.

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