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BEHIND GOVERNMENT, EMPLOYERS EMERGE AS MOST TRUSTED Percent who believe information from each source automatically, or after seeing it twice or less, in Australia National My employer Media reports, Major Advertising Media reports, My social Communications from… government named source corporations anonymous media 62 source 59 56 Nr. of times they need to see 50 47 47 the information repeated before believing it: 45 35 Once or twice 47 45 40 37 38 If I see it here, I will automatically assume it is true 28 17 12 11 10 10 9 7 I will never believe it is true 10 7 13 20 24 21 36 if this is the only place I see it 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer. HEAR_TIME1. When you see a new piece of information or a news story in each of the following information sources, how many times do you need to see it or hear it repeated in that same type of information source before you believe it is really true? Question asked of half of the sample. “Once or twice” is a sum of codes 2 and 3. General population, Australia. 25 “Employer communications” only shown to those that are an employee (Q43/1).

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