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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 29 I’m Doing My Own Research: Help Me Find Information I Can Trust Percent who say GLOBAL 28 This is where I get most of my information about new Online searches 59 Online search most technologies and innovations relied on source Showing top 5 of 9 items Social media (net) 51 National media 47 My friends and family 40 Local media 39 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer. INO_INF_SRC. Where do you get most of your information and knowledge about new technologies and innovations from? Pick all that apply. Question asked of half the sample. General population, 28-mkt avg. “Social media” is a net of “My social media news feed” and “On social media posted by, or forwarded from, someone in my social network”. Data is showing the top 5 sources, with ties broken by decimal.

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