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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 30 To Be Trusted With Innovation, Give Me a Voice Percent who say this is important to earning or keeping their trust in each institution to be good managers of change, showing the top 3 actions GLOBAL 28 Across institutions, listening is a top 3 trust-building action Business % NGOs % Government % Media % Keep innovations affordable 84 Aid the vulnerable 79 Hear our concerns, 82 Hear our concerns, 81 let us ask questions let us ask questions Communicate pluses 83 Hear our concerns, 78 Communicate pluses 80 Communicate pluses 81 and minuses let us ask questions and minuses and minuses Hear our concerns, 82 Help people keep up 78 Institute safeguards 80 Investigate innovations 80 let us ask questions 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer. INS_CHG_PER. If [Institution] wants to earn or keep your trust in their being good stewards or managers of change, how important is it that they do each of the following in response to the technological and social changes taking place in your country today? 6-point scale; top 3 box, moderately or more important. Media and NGOs were only asked of half the sample. General population, 28-mkt avg. Data showing the top 3 trust-building actions, with ties broken by decimal.

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