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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 63 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer: Sample Countries Included in the Various Global Averages 28 countries surveyed Global 28 average Global 26 Global 25 Global 22 Excludes China and Saudi Arabia Excludes China, S. Korea, and Thailand Used for current year averages Used for current year averages; excludes Used for current year averages; excludes Used for tracking to 2014 and 2015 1 1 2 and tracking to 2023 sensitive countries sensitive countries ; excludes S. Korea Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada China China ----- ----- China Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia ----- France France France France France Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany India India India India India Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya ----- Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Mexico Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria ----- Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia ----- Saudi Arabia ----- Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore S. Africa S. Africa S. Africa S. Africa S. Africa S. Korea S. Korea S. Korea ----- S. Korea Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden ----- Thailand Thailand Thailand ----- ----- UAE UAE UAE UAE UAE UK UK UK UK UK U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S. 1. Because some of the content we ask is deemed politically sensitive there are several countries where we take special precautions in order to avoid putting our respondents, or ourselves, in a position to break any local laws. We work closely with our sample partner and its legal team to identify which questions, and in what countries, we should refrain from asking. The three countries where we removed questions and/or answer options were China, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. 2. Due to a translation inconsistency regarding the measure of competence in the four main institutions in S. Korea, the data was removed from the global average on the affected slide.

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