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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 26 Scientists and Experts Expected to Lead on Implementation of Innovation Percent who say GLOBAL 28 I believe each should have a big role in managing the introduction Scientists 77 of innovation Showing top 5 of 11 items Technical experts 74 Academics, educators 66 CEOs that deploy innovations 60 Government leaders 60 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer. RSP_TEC_CHG. How big a role do you feel each of the following should have in ensuring that the introduction of new technologies and innovations is well-managed (e.g., they are safe, understood by the public, beneficial to society as a whole, and accessible to the people who need them)? 5-point scale; top 2 box, a big or huge role. Question asked of half the sample. General population, 28-mkt avg. Data is showing the top 5 roles, with ties broken by decimal.

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