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A World in Trauma The Trust 10 01 The world has not shed 05 There is no end 08 CEOs expected to hold its pandemic mindset to the infodemic government accountable Sixty-five percent of respondents describe Trust levels in news sources are still at Sixty-two percent of respondents themselves as still in a pandemic mindset, record lows, with social media at the believe CEOs are acting appropriately and even those vaccinated do not feel safe bottom (34 percent), followed by when they criticize laws passed by resuming normal activities. Moreover, traditional media (52 percent) and government officials when they believe nearly seven in 10 fear another pandemic. search engines (53 percent). those laws to be discriminatory. Of note, 59 percent believe media from their own employer to be trusted only after seeing it twice or less. 02 The trust 09 Employees become gap widens most important In May 2021, the trust gap grew to 18 06 Government is points between the Informed Public missing in action stakeholder with (Trust Index of 71) and the Mass heightened Population (Trust Index of 53), showing Government is not trusted in 10 of 14 two different realities of today. countries and government leaders are expectations Furthermore, business sees the greatest seen to be less honest than a year ago, trust inequality of 20 points, in which 78 with 23 percent saying their perception In May 2021, employees are now percent of the Informed Public trusts of government leaders has significantly the most important stakeholder, business vs. only 58 percent of the Mass decreased among those who had rated as 40 percent rank them as the most Population who trusts business. these leaders high in the last year, as important to a company achieving compared to doctors and healthcare long-term success. And seventy-nine professionals (8 percent), academics percent expect their company to act 03 Pandemic increases and scientists (10 percent) and My on societal issues like vaccine mental health issues Employer CEO (12 percent). hesitancy (84 percent), climate change (81 percent) and automation and job loss (79 percent), among others. The pandemic has resulted in twin crises, Business outperforms where 55 percent of respondents reported 07 increased mental health problems and lost government across 10 Private-public partnerships jobs that will never come back will be societal challenges are key to addressing among the worst negative consequences of the pandemic. Sixty percent of respondents say that societal challenges their country will not be able to overcome Societal leaders our challenges without business’ Forty-six believe that CEOs need 04 involvement, and that business is to be making partnerships with are not trusted considered to be performing better than government leaders and other government at driving economic growth organizations a higher priority, and in Key societal leaders – including religious and and job creation (7-point difference), doing so, 64 percent believe that the government leaders, journalists and CEOs – responding to Covid-19 (3-point pandemic will ultimately lead to are not trusted. Only My Employer’s CEO difference) and guarding information valuable innovations in how we live, is a trusted societal leader with 72 percent quality (3-point difference). work and treat each other. of respondents agreeing. All data is based on general population sample unless otherwise noted. To explore the full 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, visit #TrustBarometer