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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 57 To Earn My Acceptance, Give Us Control Over the Impact of Innovations Average acceptance rating for each innovation GLOBAL 28 I reject this innovation I am okay with this I embracethis innovation Among those who believe Resistant Hesitant Comfortable Enthusiastic Passionate “people like me” have (1-1.49) (1.5-2.49) (2.5-3.49) (3.5-4.49) (4.5-5) little a lot of Green energy 3.36 3.87 control over how these innovations AI 2.47 3.48 affect their lives Gene-based medicine 2.57 3.35 Much more acceptance GMO foods 2.02 2.90 among those who feel people like them have a lot of control over how innovations affect their lives 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer.TEC_INF. How much influence or control do you feel people like you have over how these technologies are used in ways that might affect their lives? 5-point scale; top 2 box, a lot of control; bottom 2 box, a little control. Question asked of half the sample. CHG_TEC_COM. How would you characterize your feelings about each of the following? 5-point scale; data plotted is an average acceptance rating for each innovation. General population, 28-mkt avg., by level of control. For a full explanation of how the Average Acceptance Rating was calculated, please see the Technical Appendix.

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