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2024 Edelman Trust Barometer P. 84 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer: Full Text For Answer Choices Abbreviated To Be Trusted With Innovation, Give Me a Voice [INS]_CHG_PER. If [institution] wants to earn or keep your trust in their being good stewards or managers of change, how important is it that they do each of the following in response to the technological and social changes taking place in your country today? (Please select one response for each.) Shortened Full Hear our concerns, let us ask Give people the opportunity to ask questions and to have their concerns heard when it comes to change and innovation questions Keep innovations affordable Institute fair and reasonable pricing that makes new technologies or innovations generally affordable Communicate pluses and minuses Clearly communicate the nature of new innovations and technologies, including potential benefits and negative side effects Aid the vulnerable Aid those who need help coping with the consequences of change Help people keep up Help people keep up with and adjust to the changes happening all around them Institute safeguards Institute safeguards to protect us from potential harm or exploitation by new technologies developed in other countries Investigate innovations Do investigative reporting on new technologies and innovations to uncover any hidden issues or dangers

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